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Guy Pearce's Ultimate Guide to Tigers

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Guy with Tigers

The tiger has walked the Earth for over a million years. Epitome of power and grace - supreme predator – an enthralling and terrifying animal. The tiger has no equal. This is the tiger’s story as never seen before. This is the Ultimate Guide to Tigers. A complete and intimate portrait of a legendary carnivore. The tiger has captured our hearts and minds, and conquered our society, like no other. This is the story of the greatest of the great cats – The Tiger.

The film is a visual extravaganza. It combines the best wild footage of tigers ever shot with some of the most amazing archive footage of tigers from India. Guy Pearce (star of Jean Jacques Annaud’s 'Two Brothers') tells the story of the tiger in 15 distinct and entertaining chapters. The film covers every aspect of the tiger’s natural history as well as the more esoteric and difficult subjects such as “hunting and persecution”, the “cult of the tiger”, “performing tigers” and of course ”how to save the tiger”.

Produced & Directed by Mike Birkhead
Assistant Producer: Jenny Devitt
Main Photography: Colin Stafford-Johnson
Editor: Andy Netley
Music: David Mitcham
Sound: Graham Wild and Paul Clark
Production Manager: Carolyn Naylor
Executive Producer: Jake Eberts


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