Mike Birkhead Associates - Photos of Mike

Photos of Mike

Below are a number of photos of Mike from around the world

Oman - looking for the Arabian Leopard


With Zara and Hadi

Oman group

Oman mountain

Photos of Mike Birkhead on location in India:

Mike with Elephant

Saritha and Mike New York/Ground Zero visiting Alan Rabinowitz

Filming in Sumatra with Alan Rabinowitz and Tomy Winata:


On the beech in Sumatra filming Good Morning Kalimantan with Nick, Evie and Graham.

Deserts of NW India Gujarat tracking wolves

Half way up Everest '96. (in a helicopter!!)

Africa 80s

Africa in the 70's!!

Land of the Tiger 90s

Crossing the river on the way to Tiger Tops Chitwan Nepal

Nepal hunting man eating tigers with Saritha - all my clothes lost in transit!!!

Mike and Saritha Gordon Buchanan in the jeep.

Gordon Buchanan, Saritha and Mike - Tracking the Man Eaters in Nepal

Austria riding in the snow.

Filming Echo an Elephant to remember in Amboseli Kenya with Cytnhia and Martyn - camera ike Cuthbert and sound Dave Eden.


Flying filming Igazu falls Argentina - loved it.

Central India


Nepal after man eating tigers. 2011 - more below with Gordon Buchanan and Saritha

Austria riding with Ellie his daughter and her friend.

Vladivostock Film Festival in Russia

Vladivostock Russia chasing Russian Tigers/Amba

Mull Scotland filming Gordon Buchana and whales

Mull Scotland whale watching

Mull Scotland with Gordon Buchanan filming whales

Mike with Robbie his son.

Not the Caribbean but off the West Coast of Scotland!

Namibia stone throwing waiting for the elephants to turn up.

Namibia with two Pauls.

Namibia with Robbie (my son) and Ellie (my duaghter)

Mike with cameraman Mike Cuthbert India

Gordon and Mike with Vidya leopard reseacher.

Mike with Vidya

Gordon Buchanan, Saritha and Mike - Tracking the Man Eaters in Nepal




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