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Tigers of the Emerald Forest

For BBC and Animal Planet

Everything has changed in Panna since we made this film see Tiger Zero for more details.

Emerald Forest

Huge male tigers are the focus of this film. Madla and Hairy Foot are fighting it out for territorial rights in the Emerald Forest. Will one of these big males rule alone or will they share their Kingdom? One tiger has already killed two small cubs in an attempt to take over the Kingdom. The two big males do not just have each other to worry about – they have to share the Emerald Forest with younger male tigers, and people – both of which are a serious threat. Dedicated scientist Raghu Chundawat and his partner Joanna Van Gruisen have been studying them for the last eight years and reveals the unique secrets of the tigers of the Emerald Forest.

For those of you who watched the film there is good news and bad news to follow on from the broadcast. Hairy Foot the elusive male tiger we barely ever saw was found dead just a few months after we finished filming. It seems he fell into a pit or disused well and died. What we don’t know for sure is was he killed before he ended up in the pit. The good news is that the young male with one canine missing seems to have set up a breeding territory. Also there are some new cubs too. So overall Panna is still doing well despite a few terrible set backs: click here to read some more.

This film was nominated for best cinematography at Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. Great news for Gordon Buchanan who also filmed Leopard HuntersEagle Island.

This film won two awards at the Missoula International Wildlife Film festival.

Best Narration:
Tigers of the Emerald Forest
Pradip Krishen

Best Use of Music:
Tigers of the Emerald Forest
Nicholas Hooper

Producer Mike Birkhead
Cameraman Gordon Buchanan
Editor Nigel Buck
Music Nick Hooper


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